The Endless Fascination With Mike Tyson

That a new Mike Tyson project hits stores this summer should not surprise us. The latest, simply titled “Mike Tyson,” arrives Sept. 6 and is a collection of photographs from Lori Grinker, who followed the fighter for more than a decade, beginning in 1980. Next week, Hulu is set to begin its biographical series titled … Read more

MLB Players Have Unique Relationships With Gloves

LOS ANGELES — When Seattle Mariners third baseman Eugenio Suárez misses a ground ball, he shoves his face into his glove and has a few choice words for his leather companion. “I’ll say, ‘Come on, come on,’” he recalled recently in Spanish. “‘If I don’t eat, you don’t eat.’” Yes, Suárez talks to his glove. … Read more

Deshaun Watson Apologizes as Suspension Is Under Review

After a 19-month absence from football, Deshaun Watson started an NFL preseason game on Friday night. Before the game began, the Cleveland Browns quarterback did something else that had been almost as long coming: He apologized for the first time since more than two dozen women said he sexually assaulted or harassed them in massage … Read more

Polio Has Been Detected in New York City Wastewater, Officials Say

Polio outbreaks incited regular panics decades ago, until a vaccine was developed and the disease was largely eradicated. Then on Friday, New York City health authorities announced that they had found the virus in waste water samples, suggesting polio was probably circulating in the city again. Parents of young children found themselves wondering — perhaps … Read more

What the New CDC Guidelines Mean for You

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed many of its Covid-19 guidelines this week, shifting sharply away from several of the precautions, including quarantines and social distancing, that have long defined the pandemic. The move was prompted by the fact that many Americans now have some immunity to the coronavirus — through a combination … Read more