How John DeMarsico Made SNY’s Broadcasts Go Viral

On a sticky August evening at Citi Field, toward the end of a crucial Mets victory against division rival Atlanta, closer Edwin Díaz threw his last warm-up pitch and began his long, familiar journey from the right field bullpen to the mound for the top of the ninth inning. But something unusual happened: The television … Read more

Can Juan Soto Lead the Padres Past the Dodgers?

SAN DIEGO — Juan Soto had barely landed, Josh Bell had just sat down and Josh Hader was starting to learn his new teammates’ names when Peter Seidler, the Padres’ owner, declared that “the art of the possible is here.” But just as quickly as the Padres had reset all expectations for their season — … Read more

Mets Overtake Yankees as New York’s Top Team

With talk earlier this year about this possibly being the best New York baseball season ever, it had seemed clear that there was at least a small divide between the city’s major league teams. The Yankees were still the big dogs, and while the Mets were having a great season, they seemed less threatening. After … Read more

MLB’s PitchCom System Draws Mixed Reactions

Baseball and technology have always made for wary partners. For a five-year span in the 1930s, as radio became more popular, all three New York teams — the Yankees, Giants and Dodgers — banned live play-by-play of their games because they feared the new medium would reduce attendance. When the Chicago Cubs added lights to … Read more

Vin Scully Helped California Baseball Take Root

At the end of the 1957 baseball season, Brooklyn Dodgers management packed up for a long-threatened move across the continent. Into the hypothetical moving trunks went the home uniforms saying “Dodgers” across the front, the creaky old heroes of Flatbush and much of the front office, plus Manager Walter Alston and his promising young players. … Read more