Polio Has Been Detected in New York City Wastewater, Officials Say

Polio outbreaks incited regular panics decades ago, until a vaccine was developed and the disease was largely eradicated. Then on Friday, New York City health authorities announced that they had found the virus in waste water samples, suggesting polio was probably circulating in the city again. Parents of young children found themselves wondering — perhaps … Read more

What the New CDC Guidelines Mean for You

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed many of its Covid-19 guidelines this week, shifting sharply away from several of the precautions, including quarantines and social distancing, that have long defined the pandemic. The move was prompted by the fact that many Americans now have some immunity to the coronavirus — through a combination … Read more

Sharing Monkeypox Sores on Social Media

When Matt Ford, 30, an actor in Los Angeles, tested positive for monkeypox in June, he posted videos on Twitter and TikTok to show what it was like. Wearing a gray T-shirt and staring directly into the camera, he offered viewers close-ups of the “gross spots” all over his body, including his face, arms, belly. … Read more

Biden Administration to Allow New Injection Method for Monkeypox Vaccine

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration has decided to stretch out its limited supply of monkeypox vaccine by allowing a different method of injection that uses one-fifth as much per shot, according to senior administration officials familiar with the plan. In order for the Food and Drug Administration to authorize so-called intradermal injection, which would involve … Read more