Serena Williams Begins the Not-Too-Long Goodbye

As a champion who says she hates goodbyes, Serena Williams could have made her exit from tennis in other ways. In a news release or Instagram post; by post-match interview or by simply walking away and staying away without formalizing her farewell. Instead, by making it plain this week that the end is very near, … Read more

Suddenly in Toronto, It’s All About Serena Williams

TORONTO — Karl Hale has been the tournament director at the National Bank Open since 2006 and has never seen anything like the last 24 hours since Serena Williams said she was winding down her professional tennis career. “We heard it yesterday morning, and immediately ticket sales picked up,” Hale said. “In the players’ lounge, … Read more

Unai Emery Is Back for More

NEW YORK — It has been more than three years now, but Unai Emery still remembers the moment as if he had just witnessed it. When he brings it up, all the frustration he felt on that day in March 2019 comes rushing back. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has just claimed the ball, the clock has ticked … Read more